Introducing DeFi Passport Skins

The Inaugural Collection: SUSHI ノ GEN 1

Introducing DeFi Passport Skins

In the coming month, we’ll be introducing the ARCx DeFi Passport that lets you leverage your on-chain reputation. In preparation for the first edition release of our passports we are introducing skins that can be purchased (and eventually applied) to your DeFi Passport! 

These skins will be sold via the Zora protocol. This is how we see the intersection between NFTs and DeFi in the upcoming metaverse.

What are DeFi Passport Skins?

DeFi Passport Skins are custom NFT skins you can use to customise the look and feel of your DeFi Passport, providing you with the ability to personalise your passport by selecting from a range of styles and designs.

You can use these skins to express what you value by showing support for a favourite project or to express a specific visual aesthetic that resonates with what you’re about.

Once you get a DeFi passport skin it will be available to select as your default skin which is displayed in the ARCx application and on your actual DeFi Passport NFT when it goes live. 

SUSHI ノ GEN 1   

We’ll be starting off by offering a limited set of SushiSwap DeFi Passport skins that will be purchased via the Zora protocol via an auction. There will be five (5) light skins and five (5) dark skins that will be available at launch. 10% of proceeds from the sale will go to xSUSHI holders to give back to the Sushi community.

Next Steps   

We’ll be going live with the auctions on the 22nd of July 11pm UTC and they will be available on We look forward to collaborating with SushiSwap and Zora in this new intersection of NFTs and DeFi!

To get more information, or to keep up to date with upcoming releases, please be sure to follow our official channels: