Introducing Passport.js

Becoming the middleware of identity in the metaverse.

One month ago we launched the DeFi Passport to allow you to use your on chain history to realise new and personalized value. Just like a national passport, the value of a DeFi Passport is derived by two things:

  1. the places which accept it and,

  2. the benefits it gives you

We've developed Passport.js as an important step to improving the first two points by making the passport recognised on more dApps! In addition this allows us to formalise new relationships with other projects who wish to build out integrations with the DeFi Passport. If you're a project that's keen to integrate, keep reading!

What is Passport.js

Passport.js is a small React library (3 lines of code) that displays an Ethereum addresses' DeFi passport in when signed into the application via Web3. The passport & their selected skin will display and rotate in the bottom right hand corner and can be hidden by clicking on it. Check it out in action below! You can see Passport.js in action over here.

Why integrate Passport.js?

If you're a dApp that's interested in integrating Passport.js, here's some things that can benefit you:

  1. We can formalise a working relationship that will allow your dapp to become more intelligent through custom scores (think higher yields for your most loyal tokenholders)

  2. Co-marketing and promoting your dApp to our 1000+ DeFi Passport holders

  3. Creating special NFT skins that can be purchased/earned/distributed to your community to apply to their DeFi Passports :) Check out some of the collaborations we've done below.

The entire integration is simply 3 lines of React and gets you plugged into the ARCx partner ecosystem. You can read the developer docs here.

Next Steps

Very shortly we'll be releasing a major upgrade to the way that the DeFi Passport works in order to support custom scores specific to a Dapp. For example, you could create a unique protocol score which measures how engaged someone is to your protocol to give them higher yields and increase engagement/loyalty. This will enhance the passport experience and have other use cases in governance, airdrops, yield farming and credit.

If you're a dApp interested in Passport.js and formalising a working relationship, reach out on Discord or Twitter.