Your Metaverse Identity

Introducing our new brand and app design

ARCx is just over a year old, and since then we've been continuously iterating on our product, identity and branding. Today we're excited to introduce the new ARCx brand identity and user interface design for the next stage of our journey.


While we loved the previous ARCx logo for its mathematical beauty, we found it was hard to distinguish and stand out. Our new logo is clear, simple and recognisable. Whenever you're interacting within the metaverse with our identity services, you'll recognise the ノ.

The key element we're proud to announce is the "ノ" symbol as not just a logo, but a new form of currency. ARCs are reputational currency that can only be earned, not purchased with money. Just like the real world, it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a single instance to destroy it.

The ノ symbol is also a digital identity for those in the ARCx community to signify their commitment to the protocol. All team members and community members bear this symbol in their bio.

App Design

Not only has our branding been uplifted, we've also revamped our app to reflect our much larger vision and ambitions. ARCx is a consumer product that provides identity and reputation services for the metaverse. To make this vision more real, we've created a special WebGL component of the passport that is interactive.

We've also overhauled our visual app elements to reflect our core values of:

  1. Fun. The new user interface makes the experience of owning a DeFi Passport captivating and engaging.

  2. Excellence. We've ensured that a consistent design system, great colours and a simple user experience are at the core of what we create. Products are meant to look and feel great.

  3. Accountability. The interface provides constant reliability that you can ensure what you trust the app to do, it will do. We've been working hard to refine our internal testing processes and also automated uptime reporting for all parts of our stack.

What’s next?

This is only the tip of the iceberg our team has spent the past 7 months working to bring to you all. As we expose more user value and functionality from the passport, the opportunities available to your metaverse reputation will expand vastly.