The Importance of Conversion Rate and User Demographics
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November 2022

FAQs regarding the ARCX token going private

October 2022

The first token to be un-launched

September 2022

Rewarding top scorers with improved loan flexibility!

August 2022

The safest and most capital efficient borrowing experience in DeFi

May 2022

A deep dive into the Gitcoin airdrop (+ detailed statistics & charts)!

April 2022

The airdrop that was 200% - 600% more effective that the industry standard airdrops. Learn how ARCx custom scores powered higher retention rates.

January 2022

Rewarding our early supporters with a limited-edition NFT skin
Discover what the leaders in DeFi are doing now

December 2021

A look into liquidations on popular borrowing protocols and a deep dive into the hottest new NFT project, CloneX by RTFKT.

November 2021

Our first Protocol-Specific Score