Reflecting on the journey so far and the vision of ARCx
Analysis of on-chain data and how ARCx custom scores could have protected against exploitation
Introducing our new brand and app design
Becoming the middleware of identity in the metaverse.
Key Points ARCx tokenomics are unclear. Mint all outstanding tokens to simplify. Publish a new emissions chart with updated and improved vesting schedu…
How to apply for a DeFi Passport
The Inaugural Collection: SUSHI ノ GEN 1
Valuing on-chain identity. No Banks, No KYC, 100% Crypto Native.
After AIP-2 passes with 99.04% in favour of a token split.
The first step towards ARCx Sapphire (v3)
Introducing the ARCx DAO
The ARCx Governance Token is live on 1inch.